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Nvidia, AMD: Volume and Price Analysis


NVIDIA Daily Chart

I want to consider two stocks in this post, namely Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) and Advanced Micro Devices Inc (NASDAQ:AMD). Both reported earnings this month, with those for AMD coming out at the beginning of February, while Nvidia reported last week.

One reason I want to focus on these two is they are both on the list of top ten stocks benefiting from strong retail flows since the beginning of this year. Second, as chipmakers, they are at the forefront of AI, a market that is likely to be worth over $300bn by 2030 compared with just $3bn in 2021.

AMD Daily Chart

Both stocks gained almost 40% in the first five weeks of trading but since their earnings there has been a divergence in their respective price action with Nvidia managing, so far, to hold on to its earning gap higher of 14% while AMD reversed although it is once again trying to rally.

So two stocks are very much of the future with charts that are worth watching, if only from a learning perspective between price action and volume.


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