Four avalanches in the north of Norway have claimed four lives.

A party of five Italians was caught up in an avalanche in Lyngen. One member of the group was killed and two were injured.

One member of a group of six Slovenians was killed in Kildalen.

And two bodies were discovered at a farm in Reinoya, where a barn and a herd of around 140 goats were swept into the sea.

More bad weather to come

Authorities say there’s a high risk of avalanches in the regions of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark this weekend, and the police are advising people not to travel to the mountains.

Many people have had to evacuate their homes.

Traffic disruption

Two avalanches have closed the access road to the cities of Hammerfest in Finnmark, with warnings issued of very difficult driving conditions because of the huge amount of snow and strong winds.

Be prepared for all weather conditions

Experts at Visit Norway advise checking the website for the latest information on avalanches. Weather information can be found on the website. Experts also advise skiers to only use certified guides.


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